In the early 1990’s, Dennis spent hours entertaining his young children with stories about Pinkerton Pernelli, an imaginary dragon.

The children were fascinated with Pinkerton, but as they got older, they outgrew both Pinkerton and Pinkerton’s adventures. So as time went by, the Pernelli stories faded away.

Fast forward 25 years. Dennis and Mary Lowell’s grandchild, Mason, was born. Even in Mason’s first year of life, he was a charismatic little boy, and along with his big “sister,” a Brittany Spaniel named Ellie, Mason was determined to make his mark in this world.

It was time for Mason to meet Pernelli.

“These books were written for Mason. They were also written for you and the special young child in your life. They’re for your enjoyment and most importantly your child’s wonderment.”

Dennis Dozier

“I hope you enjoy these picture books as much as my daddy has enjoyed writing them. Please join Mason and me on this magical journey of make believe characters in make believe places. But don’t tell Mason that Pernelli is make believe, because he knows better.”

Savannah Smith